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Be happy with who you are.

Anonymous asked:
I believe in god but the god I believe in loves everyone and created everyone the way they are for a reason and I don't think you can choose what your attracted too, I believe in heaven and hell and that everyone has a chance to go to heaven ( if they are saved) but I don't agree that if your saved your "sexuality changes" because god created people how they are for a reason, what are your thoughts? God is love and we are all equal to him in my beliefs

I believe that God is the essence of acceptance and love, and that he would never change someone, because to him we’re all perfect. I think people constantly try to force upon someone else what their own idea of God is, when in fact God to each and every one of us is entirely different. We all believe in different things, but in the end we all strive for happiness and love, and wish to believe that when we die we’re rewarded for who we are, not punished for who we aren’t. I think that’s a God we can all believe in.

No matter what your beliefs are, find something that suits you and makes you happy. Don’t conform to someone else’s beliefs. We are all humans in search of a greater destiny. Whether you choose to have someone there to guide you along the way is entirely up to you. But no matter what, know you are loved and accepted regardless of what form you come in.

Anonymous asked:
So I'm 17 and gay, and am slowly starting to come out of the closet. I have a seven year old little sister who thinks gay people are weird. I love her to death so I don't want her to dislike me, but I don't know what to say when it comes to her. I just don't want her to reject me. What should I do?

I think when I was seven years old I thought gay people were weird and gross too. (If I even knew what that term meant, lol) Most of us probably did. But as time went on we all matured and reached a better understanding of the subject. Some of us even finding out that we were gay ourselves. 

Telling your sister that you’re gay is probably going to be a strange subject for her to wrap her head around. But why wouldn’t it be? She’s never been taught differently and she’s never had exposure to the world of homosexuality. 

When you tell your sister you’re gay, don’t expect a warm embrace but don’t expect her to kick you out of the house. She’s a little girl.

You coming out to her now gives you the ability to shape her into an accepting and rounded individual as she grows and matures. Not only are you teaching her acceptance, but you’re teaching her compassion and to love people’s differences.  

It might be difficult at first, but your sister will come around. You’re her big brother and she won’t stay mad at you forever. In fact within the next few weeks I’m sure she’ll be concerned with something else and forget all about it.

Anonymous asked:
You have a great blog! I'm not gay but I love this page so much, its adorable. Ok, I'm not sure if girls are allowed to ask questions so if you don't want to answer this I understand. I have a friend that has been close to me for years and though he hasn't said anything about it I'm under a heavy impression that he's gay. When people at my high school tease him about this he's been getting really depressed & I want to find a way to ask him about it & let him know that I love & support him. Help?

I honestly think the best way is to simply just ask. I know it’s a strange and uncomfortable conversation to have, but if you’re really that close of friends, he shouldn’t feel like he has to deny it in front of you.

Odds are, if he truly is gay, he probably wants someone to confide in. He probably even wants to tell you, but he’s just too afraid. Making that first step will make it a lot easier on him.

Thank you for being such a loving a supportive friend! Everyone deserves a friend as great as you. :)

Anonymous asked:
First of all I want to say you have a great blog. You have given so many people great advice and I hope you could me give some advice as well. I'm a 21 year old guy. I recently came out gay (for first time ever) to my direct family (what went well). Now i feel i want to tell my group of friends in college who I consider to be my first friends. (High school wasn't that nice). Would you advice me to tell them all together, or one at a time. And what are your opinions about coming out on facebook?

I think coming out should be done in the way where you feel most comfortable. I don’t really know your friends, but if they are similar in personality (in which I mean that you don’t think one will react totally different than the rest of the group), I say tell them all together.

Telling each person individually sounds like a stressful and drawn out process. It’s better to just rip the band-aid off all at once, rather than take it in steps. 

Now if you think that some may react differently than others, it may be better to tell each one individually. Or maybe select a few at a time instead of a huge group gathering. (I don’t know how many you’re actually planning to tell lol) But if possible, in my opinion a group sounds better and easier.

Facebook should be a last resort option. With that I mean that you should wait until you’ve told everyone you absolutely want to know. Some people might be hurt or mad if they have to find out from social media, rather than hearing it from you. I think you should hold off on this until you’ve told everyone close to you, and then leave the message for the rest of the not so important people.

Which ever you choose, congratulations on coming out! I wish you a lot of happiness and good fortune in the time that follows. :)

south texas love.

Hi guys!

I know I’ve posted this before, but my best friend Anthony Paul (who was on this season of The Voice here in the USA) just released his first youtube cover video!!!!!!!!

He’s extremely excited and if you guys could help him get more views I know it’d make him the happiest person alive.

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Anonymous asked:
My boyfriend broke up with me today. I had literally just fallen for him and now I don't know what to do.

I’m really sorry to hear that. Did he give you a reason as to why he broke up with you? I know break ups aren’t always how we imagine our relationships ending, but sometimes you just have to believe that it was what’s mean to happen. If you two were supposed to be together, than you would have been. Who knows, you two could end up getting back together.

Whatever happens, you have to understand that one break up does not signify the end of the world. There will be other relationships, and other people who you will fall madly in love with. The best remedy for your broken heart right now is time. No matter what, you will find someone who makes you happy.